Reaching the unreached, isolated and neglected of the world

Golden Rule 

Golden Rule Broadcasting has been on the forefront to bridge the communication and services gap for the elderly since 2000.

GRB targets and identifies Texas elderly 60 years and older that primarily reside in senior healthcare facilities by providing music therapy and educational programs that inform and inspire them.

Golden Rule Broadcasting was created to bridge the gap of not only how the elderly received communication in their typically isolated, neglected and disconnected environment, but also to reverse the blatant lack of programming available for and to the “forgotten demographic” of Adults 60 years and older. This neglect became painfully apparent when the 200 channel offering of the two satellite radio companies in the late 1990’s offered NOT A SINGLE SENIOR RADIO CHANNEL.
The most neglected and isolated elderly populations were identified as those living in senior healthcare facilities, therefore, GRB’s first program service concentrated on bringing age appropriate programming including music and music therapy directly to the elderly residing in a senior healthcare facility.
It is heart breaking to hear stories of the elderly that are literally dropped off at a senior healthcare center and never visited again. In fact, dismal statistics from the TX Department of Health & Human Services, estimate as high as 67% of nursing home residents in Harris County/Houston, TX., DO NOT receive a regular visit; a regular visit is considered only 2 times/month! Something had to be done to stop the heart break of such neglect so GRB’s first initiative to offer individual and community connectedness, not to mention improved mood, dignity and self-worth, began with our first broadcast in 2002.

Through satellite and internet broadcasting, GRB continues to avail a 24/7 private Senior Inspirational Channel of music and music therapy to residents of a senior facility as an in-house television channel. A communication device such as a radio or television is also provided to those senior residents that need one.

In Houston, 67% of seniors residing in a Harris County long-term healthcare facility, (nursing home), don’t receive at least two visits per month.*

                *Source: Texas Department of Health and Human Services

One of the ways that Golden Rule Broadcasting combats this dismal statistic is by airing Public Service Announcements on Houston television stations annually in September.  These timely announcements encourage visitation to a senior residing in a Houston area nursing home during September—Senior Center Month.

Reaching the unreached, isolated and neglected of the world

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Improves Cognitive Thinking

Golden Rule Broadcasting’s Senior Inspiration Channel provides music therapy directly, to each resident, at a senior healthcare facility where we broadcast.
An important component of cognitive thinking is auditory processing, a skill needed to read and spell.
84% of Golden Rule Broadcasting’s programming, of our 24/7 Senior Inspirational Channel, includes music and music therapy to help support the cognitive thinking of residents living in a healthcare facility.
Music therapy also curbs grief and anger and improves the social functions of the individual, not to mention, the healthier and safer social environment of the senior facility in which they reside.

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Supports Brain Health and Memory Care

From the vast selection of music and music therapy heard on GRB’s Senior Inspirational Channel, many hymns and songs bring great comfort and familiarity to residents in assisted living or memory care facilities that remember them from their existing long-term memory.

Medical studies prove the ability of Alzheimer’s patients to sing words associated with song over their ability to converse or form the words fast enough to speak. 

There are even medical reports of comatose patients “waking up” because their brain recognizes familiar songs and the emotional response that the music creates. Written reports reinforcing the positive effects of music are evidenced in articles such as Rosenblum’s, For the Disabled Brain, the Best Medicine May be Low-tech and Musical. Can you put a price on what a service is worth that provides comfort and strength to a memory care resident in assisted living?

What about the additional value to the healthy spouse living with their memory impaired loved one?

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Counteracts LONELINESS and “Non visitation” for a senior facility resident

One of the goals of Golden Rule Broadcasting’s 24/7 Private Channel is to counteract a senior healthcare’s culture of isolation from which stem loneliness and boredom. In a senior healthcare community, their losses are magnified and most seniors entering these senior facilities experience the onset of depression within 90 days. Music therapy works well to keep seniors participating and engaged in their life and the community in which they live.

Because residents living in a senior healthcare community are often out of sight, they unfortunately are also out of mind.  This contributes to the dismal statistic that according to the US Department of Health and Human services, 60% of residents in a US long-term healthcare facility do not receive a regular visit!  A regular visit is defined by only two visits/month.

To counteract this lack of contact, isolation and loneliness, Golden Rule Broadcasting avails a “constant companion” of our 24/7 Senior Inspirational Channel of music therapy, health and wellness and other appropriate age related programs.

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Improves Physical Health

Golden Rule Broadcasting measures music therapy outcomes by certified music therapists.
The documented results are nothing less than stellar.
The majority of the senior residents that participated in group music therapy showed significant improvement in both fine and gross motor skills.
Music therapy has even been proven to lessen the use of physical restraints and pain medication and to even accelerate healing in post-operative patients.
For reasons that experts do not fully understand, Alzheimer’s disease ravages brain function, but leaves long-term musical memory relatively untouched. That means that even severely-impaired Alzheimer’s patients can still remember favorite songs of the past, and music therapists can use these song memories to get the attention of patients to do basic physical exercise, and also to improve mood.

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Improves Mental & Emotional Health

A strategy for good mental health and reducing stress includes engaging one or more of the five senses. Golden Rule Broadcasting’s Senior InspirationChannel engages both sight and sound!

GRB’s Senior Channel supports good mental and emotional health with 24/7 audio programming of music therapy, songs and health and wellness information, as well as, a visual seasonal slide show of various encouraging words, trivia and entertainment.

The elderly in particular face a constant flow of increased stress due to increased life’s challenges regarding their independence, health, socialization, dignity, American cultural status and mobility not to mention the loss of friends, support group, independence and even the inability to perform basic activities of daily living.

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Provides Spiritual Support

The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
The elderly residing in a senior healthcare facility have as their community setting a mixture of people from many different nations, cultures and religious beliefs. Most faith-based religions incorporate the application of the Golden Rule as an important moral behavioral value in their spiritual belief system.
How wonderful that the programs, services and name of Golden Rule Broadcasting exist to reach and serve the most vulnerable peoples of the world with the same respect, kindness and love that typify living by the Golden Rule.
The elderly in this type of community setting have as their neighbors a mixture of people from many different nations, cultures and religious beliefs. Yet most religions have a Golden Rule, a motto by which a person exhibits behavior that they would like reciprocated back to them. All programs and services of Golden Rule Broadcasting encourage this moral code of behavior of the Golden Rule in providing programs and services.

THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY Improves Fine and Gross Motor Skills

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Certified Music Therapy Sessions

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Key Elderly Issues

GRB – Improving Lives of Seniors with Music Therapy


Loneliness and boredom are the two most prevalent behaviors experienced amongst residents in a senior healthcare facility.


We uniquely bring senior programs directly to the resident in their own room in a senior healthcare facility, as well as offering group activities to the senior community where we broadcast our private broadcast channel..


Dismal visitation statistics exist for residents in a senior healthcare facility; 60%+ NON VISITATION RATE. GRB avails a 24/7 “constant companion” of music therapy and age appropriate senior programming and provides Comfort Basket outreaches.

Self-worth & Dignity

We offset cultural stigmas through mentorship programs.

Wholeness & Wellness

Our varied programming advocates physical, mental and spiritual health.

Memory Care

Our Senior Inspirational Channel content is 84% music and music therapy to increase cognitive thinking, improve mood and many other positive outcomes.

Did You Know?

“Whenever memories have an emotional context to them, they tend to hold much more power in the brain, and tend to be processed differently than language.
We have patients (who have had strokes), that cannot talk but can still sing.”

Dr. Javier Provencio
Director of the Neurological Critical Care Unit
Cleveland Clinic –
NBC report from June 20, 2012

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GRB only uses Certified Music Therapists

GRB is a Silver Seal recipient for Guidestar

Golden Rule Broadcasting is a 501 (c) 3 faith based non-profit organization. All tangible donations are considered tax deductions according to the U.S. IRS code. GRB accepts your donations gratefully and exercises good stewardship regarding each gift. GRB is accountable to a board of directors and has earned the Guidestar Seal for non-profit accountability and transparency.

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