GRB Comfort Basket Outreaches


Since 2004, over 1000 Comfort Baskets have been distributed to homeless seniors, relocated senior hurricane refugees and below poverty level seniors who live independently in subsidized housing. 

A typical Comfort Basket includes toiletries, crossword puzzles, sugar free candy and curios. Hurricane Comfort Baskets include items such as clothing, slippers, teddy bears and bedside radios. 

Additional items to impoverished seniors include detergent, quarters for laundry purposes, linens and other non-food stamp items.


Senior Day Programs

Golden Rule Broadcasting reaches out with Senior Day programs, such as the Golden Age Hobby House in Houston’s 3rd Ward. 


Independent Senior Housing

Golden Rule Broadcasting provides Comfort Basket Outreaches to government subsidized, Section 8, housing for seniors who are homeless or live independently.  Typical Comfort Basket items include: toiletries, clothing, shoes, slippers, coats, laundry detergent, quarters, Dove soap and non-food stamp items.


Hurricane & Disaster

With GRB’s headquarters in Houston, TX, the need to care for Gulf Coast area seniors is great.