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That’s the feedback we receive on the value of listening to Golden Rule Broadcasting’s 24/7 Senior Inspirational Channel.

The following are some of the testimonials that Golden Rule Broadcasting (GRB) has received from care receivers and care givers that tune in to our music therapy, beloved hymns, songs and inspirational vignettes. 


Nurse Shirley McDaniel turned to Golden Rule Broadcasting’s Inspirational Senior Channel on Bayou Manor’s in-house Channel 17 in Houston for a female hospice patient who was bed ridden and dying.  Instead of the persistent, mechanical bubbling sound of an oxygen machine, her dying patient was able to hear soothing and beloved hymns of GRB’s inspirational Music format.

“I believe music provides warmth and serenity to patients who are in pain. It is important for many of our residents to have access to spiritual guidance at this time in their lives,” says McDaniels.

Another Assisted Living senior enjoys the ministry of GRB Senior Radio Channel for strength for himself and to comfort his wife who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“As caregiver for my wife, (who suffers from Alzheimer’s), I tune to Channel 17 and enjoy the music most of all. It’s inspirational and pleasant, and I also enjoy the devotionals.” —Mr. Cecil Hall

“Lovely. I love  the songs.”    Mrs. Bill Vawter

Caregivers need support too!

GRB receives many testimonials from elder caregivers that listen to GRB’s music therapy to keep them emotionally and mentally healthy!