GRB Senior Inspirational Channel


Golden Rule Broadcasting provides a private in-house senior radio/television channel and music therapy services for the senior and directly to wherever the senior resides with permission from the senior healthcare facility. GRB sends a satellite signal to the television equipment room of a senior healthcare facility for distribution throughout including to individual resident rooms.

GRB’s Senior Channel becomes part of the senior facilities’ regular television program channel offering. The senior resident simply selects The Senior Inspirational Channel as they would any other television program that the facility offers.
When selected as a channel by the senior resident,
The Senior Channel becomes a constant 24/7 companion through the residents’ own personal communication device such as their television, fixed tuned solar radio or standard radio located in the resident’s individual room within the senior healthcare facility.

Senior residents gladly embrace this broadcast channel of 84% music and music therapy and utilize it as a part of their daily lives. In Medicaid facilities particularly, GRB provides radios and/or televisions when available and if necessary to ensure availability of The Senior Inspirational Channel per the senior resident’s desire and request.

With accompanying background music