With the alarming 33% HIV positive/AIDS rate in the Southern Sub Saharan part of South Africa, the need to provide radio programming to reach the youth of the nation of Botswana is imperative.
In partnership with
UCB Africa and Lackey Ministries: Love Botswana, Golden Rule Broadcasting was pleased to celebrate the opening of “Studio 7″ on September 22, 2006 at the Love Botswana Outreach Mission Base.
An expanded Studio 7 with new state of the art facilities was built in 2013 and continues the production of health, wellness and HIV/AIDS prevention vignettes to the youth of Botswana on national Botswana radio.

Dawn hands solar New Testament player to a church elder along the Caprivi Strip, Botswana Shikawe Church

Dawn presents a solar powered hand-cranked player loaded with a dramatic audio drama of the New Testament in the Tswana language to church elder Setero Kupembona at Kauxwi, Botswana.