Golden Rule Broadcasting uniquely provides a communication device to the target population so that our broadcast programming can be easily heard or watched.

Some of these communication devices are special orders because a solar panel is needed or our radio frequency or television channel number must be set as a fix tuned feature on the device.

However, many of our communication devices, ie new or gently used radios and televisions, that we make available to Medicaid senior residents or senior hurricane refugees in healthcare facilities are donated by friends of Golden Rule Broadcasting, like you. Please click here if you wish to donate a radio or television.

Mr. Guy Griffin is delighted with his donated TV and now has 24/7 access to music therapy to provide spiritual food and improves cognitive thinking.

A donated television from GRB replaces the broken set of Miss Anna Aronson, who said, “My room has been silent for years.”

Radios for Individual Senior Residents

Televisions for Senior Healthcare Facilities & Individual Senior Residents

Our first solar radio recipient, Mr. Calvin Bryan receives a replacement solar radio eight years later.

GRB finds a new home for this large TV and jumbo remote in the Stoneybrook Healthcare Activity Room.

Solar Players

Solar communication devices are particularly applicable for use by seniors where electric cords become cumbersome and/or by un-reached people groups where electricity is rare.

Pastor Emmanuel at Gumare has received his audio solar player!

Northwood’s Administrator looks on as resident receives first solar radio