How many years has Golden Rule Broadcasting (GRB) been helping seniors?

GRB was incorporated in Aug, 2000 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.

What is GRB and its mission statement?

Golden Rule Broadcasting, (GRB), is a faith based 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to bring education, healing, comfort and strength to the vulnerable and forgotten demographic of seniors ages, 65+ by providing communication services through satellite and internet broadcasting and through five program areas. GRB’s initial program area of broadcast and communication avails The Senior Channel to seniors who live in healthcare facilities.

GRB’s mission statement embraces vulnerable people– the isolated, unreached and neglected of the world. Domestically, the target focus is on serving the elderly; internationally the concentration is on the isolated and rural tribes in Northwest Botswana and surrounding populations in Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

How can I receive and hear GRB’s Senior Channel?

, oGRB’s Senior Channel is a private radio signal that can only be heard by a person who is on the premises of a senior healthcare facility where we broadcast. Because GRB’s radio signal is of such a low power and has a signal that stays within the confines of the healthcare facility, GRB does not need a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate privately. GRB remains FCC compliant in that our signal strength does not overflow to surrounding homes and businesses in the proximity of the senior healthcare facility where we broadcast.

In 2020, GRB began distributions through a VPN (or virtual private network) although not available publicly on the World Wide Web, GRB private Senior Channel does reach those seniors at the designated nursing homes that carry our channel.

You can hear samples of GRB’s Senior Channel by visiting the Listen Page.
For those facilities whose residents are more ambulatory, The Senior Channel, is configured to broadcast through the senior healthcare facility’s television system for easy selection using their individual television remote. An accompanying visual component of 20 rotating slides usually comprises the video portion of the channel (versus a static logo).

How is GRB governed?

GRB is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization and is governed by a Board of Directors.
The Founder, Dawn Stallings, serves as the President. Mr. Cameron McConnell serves as the Chairman of the Board and is a successful enterprise marketing entrepreneur and author.
Golden Rule Broadcasting is governed by and accountable to its Board of Directors.

How is GRB funded?

Donations for the program services of GRB come from trusts, foundations, churches, board members and interested individuals.

An internal communication system program is available for a minimal recurring monthly charge linking the inside world of the resident to their family and friends for awareness of their daily menus and activities. It can also be configured and become a digital billboard in a solo location at the facility.

How do you measure the success or outcomes that GRB programs have on seniors residing in healthcare facilities?


There is much published research on the positive effects of music and music therapy on behavior and attitudes of residents living in a community setting. Even the field of neuroscience has data on brain health and the positive impact and outcomes of music on the brain such as increased cognitive thinking and more positive resultant behaviors.

GRB completed 13 weeks of our pilot program of Certified Music Therapy from August 2013 to November 2013 at Seven Acres Senior Care Services by a certified music therapist with stellar results. Measured were non-musical behaviors such as increased socialization, whistling and attention spans, and even improved fine and gross motor functions of senior residents. Groups included one with memory care residents and another higher functioning.
The program was so effective that the goals had to be raised twice with more than 65% reaching 100% of the original goals established.

GRB’s CMT program continues with generous funding from various foundations.


What are the programs and services of GRB?

The main program area of GRB is Broadcast and Communications. The first broadcast channel for seniors is The Senior Inspirational Channel which is a private audio signal of 84% music therapy, beloved hymns and many out of print songs. An added video component is available ranging from a single identifying logo to twenty rotating slides.

An additional channel of senior appropriate programming to include entertainment, education, talk shows, news and weather is in development.
Other program areas include: Music Therapy, Comfort Basket and Relief, Communication Device Distribution, (ie solar radios, televisions, solar audio players, iPODS), and International Outreach.

Internationally, six native tongue New Testament solar audio players were distributed in April 2013 to remote villages along the Caprivi Strip. Currently GRB and partner, Lackey Ministries/Love Botswana, await legislative approval as verbal favor from the Botswana government was just extended to them in April 2013 for the first Christian radio station in Botswana.